6 Digital Marketing Predictions for 2024

As we kickstart 2024, it’s time to unravel the future of content and digital marketing!

I’m going to share some of my top marketing predictions for 2024 and what they can mean for you as a marketer or business owner. Let’s go!

1. The Return of Long-Form Content

During the COVID lockdown, we saw the rise and surge of short-form content, primarily in the form of TikTok. At the time, it served as an escape but quickly became how we all consumed content, with other platforms like Instagram and YouTube adapting to suit with Reels and Shorts.

However, while short-form content is still wildly popular, there’s been a gradual shift in our consumption where, as users, we simply want more in the sense of more context and quality. The attention span of online audiences is evolving, and businesses that invest in immersive, informative, and value-packed long-form content will stand out. It’s not just about grabbing attention; it’s about holding it, providing depth, and building a connection with your audience.

Social media channels are starting to adapt to this shift; we can see this with platforms like TikTok gradually increasing the upload duration.

2. Beyond Social Media: Embracing Diverse Communication Streams

Social media, with its ever-shifting algorithms and user dynamics, is becoming a more unpredictable terrain for marketers.

As a marketer or business owner, diversifying communication channels, like tried-and-true methods like email marketing will work to establish more direct and reliable connections with customers, escaping the pitfalls of social media fatigue and unpredictable algorithmic changes.

3. Instagram Threads Make a Comeback as X/Twitter Lags

When Instagram first launched Threads–the supposed rival to X/Twitter, it was met with much anticipation, becoming the fastest app ever to get to 100 million users but quickly fizzled out, with usage down by a whopping 79%. Many social media experts were quick to count it out as a bust in 2023, but there may be hope for Threads in 2024.

With X facing increasing challenges, including users deleting the app and major advertisers also leaving, Threads is poised to make a grand comeback as long-time Twitter users look for platforms that drive conversation. Marketers will find new and creative ways to engage their audience using Thread’s features to convey information, tell stories, and drive conversations.

4. Retention is the New Like

Remember when I mentioned that long-form content is on the rise? With that will come more focus on retention. While engagement is still an important component, marketers will need to shift their focus from merely attracting attention to keeping it. Brands will have to create that revolve around entertaining, educating, and informing their audiences. The key strategy is to foster engagement through a playful and creative approach. Crafting content that not only grabs eyeballs but also keeps users engaged for longer periods will be the new metric for success. It’s not just about the click; it’s about making that click count!

5. SEO Seamlessly Integrated into Social Media

In 2024, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) won’t exclusively be confined to websites. Social media platforms have been increasingly refining their search functions for a seamless integration between social media and search, focusing not only on entertaining but also educational content, in other words, edutainment. That said, marketers should integrate SEO principles into their social media strategies, creating optimised content that includes relevant keywords, as well as evergreen content that will remain discoverable over time.

6. It’s Going Down in the DMs

Direct Messages (DMs) and/or leveraging features like Instagram Broadcast channels will take center stage as the primary arena for one-on-one engagement. With public feeds becoming crowded and less personalised, brands will shift their focus to private conversations. This move allows for a more customised and intimate interaction with clients, fostering stronger connections and addressing individual needs in a more personal way.

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