5 unique content marketing examples to inspire your content strategy

Are you stuck for ideas on how to create content around your business? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

A study by Zazzle Media found that 60% of businesses find it hard to consistently create new and high-quality content. This isn’t without good reason: content marketing isn’t easy, it takes a bit of time and research. Plus, if your content isn’t engaging enough, you may reduce your chances for lead generation and potential customers.

All is not lost though! I’m going to show you some examples of some brands and businesses in Trinidad & Tobago that have been acing their content marketing relevant, valuable, interesting, and even entertaining content that all help to build their authority, trust, and loyalty.

Eat Ah Food: A content hub for Trinidad and Tobago cuisine

Eat Ah Food is no ordinary food blog. Comprised of a creative collective of foodies, chefs, and food producers, Eat Ah Food is redefining the local and Caribbean culinary landscape with traditional and contemporary recipes and tutorials, features, and reviews. They also do more than just share a recipe, they also provide deep dives and provide timely, relevant content that their following can action on.

While their visually brilliant social media immediately sparks hunger pangs, their website and YouTube are where the true gold lies. Their website is a treasure trove of recipes, reviews, and insights into Trinidad and Tobago cuisine and they use social to direct traffic to their website and YouTube. As a brand, this is important because, with such a wealth of content, they’d need a dedicated space to house all of their content.

While they could have easily housed all their content on social media they’d be limiting their potential. Because social media isn’t indexable, users would have to scroll endlessly to find a recipe or tutorial, which doesn’t make for a great user experience. Additionally, while they may have social media accounts, these platforms aren’t theirs and they’d have less control over what happens to their account compared to their website.

Key Takeaway: Having a visually appealing Instagram feed can never replace the multitude of benefits of having a website. Social media is a fantastic tool for brand awareness and lead generation but should not be your business or brand’s main platform. Social posts have an incredibly short shelf life and aren’t indexable (meaning you can’t search for products and services on social the same way you can on Google). Having a website is crucial for any business because it’ll serve as the hub for all of your content, allows you to have more control over your own platform, establish yourself as an authority, and by extension, get ranked on Google and, give your users more latitude to convert = buy.

Krew Kutz Barbershop: Bringing you along for the journey

When you think of barbershops, you typically think of a mini man-cave where you can get your hair cut, shoot the breeze with your barber and maybe even take in a game. They’re also a pretty common service, so you might wonder how can such a business differentiate itself from its competition.

Enter Krew Kutz Barbershop! They immediately stand out because they break the gender norm by frequently posting their work featuring their female clientele, something you don’t typically see or associate with barbershops. By doing this, they set themselves apart from their competition while demonstrating that their shop is a welcoming, all-inclusive space. When you throw in the fact that they also specialise in unique out-of-the-box designs, you can’t help but be drawn into their feed.

Their content is even more compelling because they share plenty of videos that feature jaw-dropping video transformations of their clients. In a minute and less, you’re taken on a journey with the featured client as they see their new, sleek coifs. These videos have become a staple in their content, helping to build a connection with their followers while providing consistent social proof about how skilled their team is and creating lead generation for those considering to do the big chop.

Key Takeaway: By identifying your business’s unique selling point (USP), you can demonstrate to your audience and prospective clients what sets you apart from your competitors. Additionally, by implementing video into your content strategy, you can consistently showcase your work, build engagement and community.

Phil The Gap: Making abstract concepts easy to understand

For a lot of people, topics like pension, annuity, and insurance are obscure and jargon-ridden and cause them to clock out, or take out policies because they don’t truly understand why they’re necessary to have in the first place. Unfortunately, there aren’t many businesses that make it easy to grasp.

Phil the Gap is a Trinidad and Tobago financial consultancy that provides holistic financial and investment advisory solutions. Part of the company’s marketing strategy includes videos that break down typically abstract topics a wealth of information on money management and investment

Key Takeaway: People don’t buy into what they don’t know. If you’re a service provider, you can provide a suite of educational and engaging content by breaking down large or abstract topics into bite-sized digestible pieces of content. By doing this, you not only establish yourself as an authority in your industry, but you also build trust and demonstrate why your service is a necessary must-have.

Full Bloom Coffee: employees as brand advocates

In addition to Full Bloom Coffee’s stunning visuals (and a sudden need for a cup of java) what really impressed and drew me in was how much they feature their team. A huge aspect of coffee shop culture are its baristas. These guys and gals who create your fave brews can easily become a part of one’s daily routine, whether you’re on the way to office or if your office of the day is the coffee shop itself.

In their limited series, “Meet The Barista”, Full Bloom Coffee shared the stories of their baristas, giving their following an opportunity to get to know the people who make their drinks a bit more. In doing so, we not only get insight into who they are but why they love working at Full Bloom Coffee. This is a fantastic strategy in building a further connection with their client base while showing them what makes their coffee shop the coolest place to grab a cup of coffee compared to their competitors. If you’re a repeat customer, it further builds loyalty and if you’ve just discovered them, you’re even more compelled to visit because you already feel a sense of community.

Key Takeaway: Employee advocacy plays a vital role in content marketing because you’re giving customers real and genuine interaction. Instead of the company saying why it’s the best, the people who keep it running–its employees–are saying in their own words what makes the brand great. If you have a team and are thinking of fresh ways to put out content, consider asking them to serve as brand advocates to either demonstrate why they love working at your company and/or why they love your products.

Bene Caribe: Fashion with a purpose

The global fast fashion industry has been growing at an exponential rate and is a major contributor to high pollution rates, utilises synthetic and low-quality fabric, and heavily relies on a cheap labour force who work in inhumane conditions.

Bene Caribe is a Caribbean women’s fashion brand known for its distinctive styles and vibrant colours that just scream tropical luxury. The brand also prides itself on being ethically made and frequently educates its audience on sustainable fashion. In a time when we’re feeling the impact of climate change around the world, paired with the fact that more and more consumers are hyper-conscious about reducing their carbon footprint, Bene Caribe will greatly appeal to the fashion-forward woman who is also conscious about the environment. This in turn, can further build brand loyalty (and customer retention) because for is means that the brand is offering a product that is in line with customers’ values.

Key Takeaway: People are a lot more conscious about how they consume and who they consume from. Nearly 63% of surveyed global consumers prefer to purchase products and services from companies that stand for a purpose that reflects their own values and beliefs, and will avoid companies that don’t.

If your business is involved in a worthy cause that naturally align with your brand’s values, this is a fantastic opportunity to frequently showcase this. It will not only foster a strong connection with your following, can be used as an attractive unique selling point for prospective customers and also allow you to nurture your community because you’ll be directly marketing to those who share your company’s values.

You should be mindful to only focus on causes or movements that are already in line with your brand values and not a trending movement because it may otherwise come across as inauthentic.

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